Wills & Estates Lawyer in Victoria, BC


Making a valid will is important to do at any stage in your life. Having a will in place means that your estate will be administered according to your wishes and will not leave your loved ones without direction. When drafting your will, it is important to consider the division of your estate including your personal belongings, investments, businesses and property. You may also wish to include clauses concerning guardianship of your minor children, cash gifts, donations to charity and funeral wishes.

I can help you develop a sound document, which will support your executor and trustee in fulfilling your wishes after your death. Having a valid, legal will can lessen the burden on your executor and trustee and make it easier for him or her to administer your estate in a timely and efficient manner, avoiding unnecessary expenses while protecting your loved ones’ interests.


If you have been appointed as the executor of a will or you wish to be appointed as the administrator of an estate for someone who has died without a will, you will have numerous tasks and responsibilities ahead of you and the scope of this role can be overwhelming. I can assist you with the steps needed to prepare an application to the court for an estate grant which will confirm your appointment and allow you to administer the estate. It is advantageous for the family and loved ones of the deceased to settle the estate in a timely manner and with the least cost. I can meet with you and together we can determine which tasks you as executor can perform to keep cost to a minimum and which tasks you need help with. Having the expertise of an estate lawyer to support you during the estate administration can make the cumbersome duty of executorship more manageable.


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