When couples separate, one way to settle the issues between them is to hire a mediator. The mediator will work with both spouses to identify the issues and attempt to reach an agreement. The mediator does not represent either party but rather acts as an impartial go-between for both parties.

When choosing a mediator, spouses should look for a mediator who has experience and who has a knowledge of family law. A good mediator should be able to listen to both parties’ concerns and identify the issues and be able to help the spouses understand each other’s perspectives on the issues in order to come to an agreement or middle ground.

It may be beneficial to start with a consultation to see if a mediator is a good fit. If both spouses agree to proceed with the mediation process, they will be asked to sign an Agreement to Mediate. Each spouse will also have the right to hire counsel for their own independent legal advice and each spouse’s lawyer can attend the mediation as well. Typically, each spouse will be responsible for one half of the mediation costs as well as their own lawyer’s fee.

Mediation can be a very successful process when it comes to settling family law matters.

Deborah A. Todd