Making the decision to end a marriage is never easy. Going through a divorce can be an emotionally straining process, filled with uncertainties for both parties involved. The common questions that a separation lawyer works with you to resolve are questions like: Who gets custody of the children? How will the assets be divided? How are shared debts to be paid?

These are all valid questions that can make separating an even tougher hill to climb. To help you prepare for the journey ahead, here are the ways a separation lawyer can help you before filing for divorce in Victoria.

A separation lawyer mediates communication

There’s no doubt about it—divorces are difficult. With tensions running high, communication can be next to impossible. A separation lawyer acts as a mediator, helping couples have the necessary conversations and come to a mutual agreement in a productive, non-confrontational way. Divorce can be a tough process and in the tough times it is essential to move forward in a positive manner as smoothly as possible. 

A separation lawyer understands family court

A separation lawyer understand the internal process of the justice system and they have the experience and knowledge on how to properly deal with court proceedings and judges. When it comes to getting through your divorce in an efficient way, a family attorney in Victoria is there to help you and your family. 

A separation lawyer walks you through the paperwork

Paperwork is a considerable part of the process. It’s typically not the best use of your time to sort through loads of legal documentation. With the help of a separation lawyer in Victoria, they will assist you through the paperwork, taking all the guesswork out of the legal terminology surrounding parental agreements, asset divisions, and any spousal or child support payment requirements.

A separation lawyer helps with child custody decisions

Divorces can be tough on everyone, especially if there are children involved. Custody concerns, visitation rights, and child support—there is certainly no shortage of important issues to address.  Having a separation lawyer working for you can go a long way to helping both parties come to a mutual agreement that will be in the best interest of your children. After all, the children are caught in the middle and it will be easier on the whole family unit to resolve the custody concerns quickly. 

A separation lawyer helps you save money

Handling a divorce is extremely taxing. Without proper legal representation, you might not get the full assets you are entitled to. Separation lawyers will state your case to the judge and help you get a fair legal settlement.  

Don’t leave your divorce process to chance. With your sanity riding on a successful separation, you are going to need the help of an experienced divorce attorney in Victoria.  

Call Deborah Todd Law to get help from a separation lawyer during this difficult time.

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