When parents separate one of the most important things to consider is how to minimize the effect of your separation on your children. The more you as parents can do to educate yourselves on this topic the better.

One of the best books that I have read is called “Keeping Kids Out of the Middle” by Benjamin D. Garber, PhD.  It is a wonderful book which helps parents understand the affects of a separation on their children and gives excellent advice about how to help your children.

The book teaches parents how to work together to parent their children and not undermine what the other parent is trying to do.  It provides good advice on:

  • how to manage transitions to minimize the stress on children
  • creating child centered parenting plans
  • communication between parents
  • what to do when children resist transitions and introducing new partners.

Another great resource for parents is two programs which are offered by BC Families in Transition:

  • Parenting After Separation – This is a free 3 hour workshop dealing with the impact of separation on you and your child; strategies to help families adjust to the changes; family dispute resolution; and effective ways to communicate and problem solve.
  • Caught in the Middle – This is a program designed for children and parents who are separated or divorced and runs for 10 weeks. The program’s primary focus is on the parent-child relationship. The groups provide a safe place to discuss the challenges of separation in a supportive, confidential, and neutral learning environment.

Please visit the BC Families in Transition website (http://www.bcfit.org) for more information regarding the programs, fees and scheduling.