If you have been appointed as Executor and Trustee of a Will, you may or may not be aware that in order to legally administer the estate, including gaining access to the deceased’s assets, you will first need to obtain an estate grant from the Supreme Court of British Columbia.  An estate grant, such as a Grant of Probate, is a legal document issued by the court that validates a Will and confirms the appointment of Executor.


There are numerous steps involved in applying to the court to obtain a grant.  Some of the main tasks are:


  1. Determining the value of all assets held by the deceased at the date of death. These assets may include bank accounts, investments and property as well as personal belongings of significant value such as vehicles, jewellery and artwork.
  2. Determining any debts owing and advertising for creditors if needed.
  3. Notifying beneficiaries/estate successors of your intention to apply to the court.
  4. Preparing the application for an estate grant and filing it with the court registry.


Gathering all of the information you need to apply to the court for an estate grant can be a lengthy and complicated process and seeking the advice of a legal professional can make the job much less overwhelming.