During the COVID-19 crisis I have been meeting with clients virtually either by Zoom, Facetime or by phone calls. If documents need to be signed, I have been meeting clients outside of my office on Humboldt Street while maintaining social distancing. Mediations and 4-way meetings can be done either by Zoom or conference calls.

All of this seems to be working well both for my office and my clients. Clients can contact me from their home without travelling downtown for appointments.

The only negative aspect is that these meetings are somewhat less personal. In family law it’s important to connect with my clients to understand what they are experiencing emotionally and to help them address these issues as well as their “legal” or “factual” issues.

Hopefully COVID-19 will pass and I will be able to return to in-person meetings so that I can fully understand the impact that their separation is having.

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Deborah A. Todd